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Feelgood by Alistair Beaton

Hurry up, it's a Satire

In a curious moment of symmetry, the original production of Feelgood opened exactly a year to the day after I handed over the script to a producer.  This struck me at the time as horribly slow. I had written a topical political comedy, hadn’t I?  For months I nagged producers to hurry up, fearing that at any moment the play could be overtaken by events.  ‘Faster,’ I shouted, ‘faster!’, like some crazed coachman driving a team of tired nags.

I was politely ignored.

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elgood, the novel is avalaiable

Methuen drama
ISBN: 0-413-77144-X
ISBN-13: 978-0413771445

Feelgood CoverFeelgood

* Evening Standard Award for Best Comedy - 2001

* Olivier Award nominated

Written by Alistair Beaton

Alistair Beaton’s satire on modern politics is set on the eve of the Prime Minister’s speech to his party’s annual conference. With public opinion increasingly volatile, there’s panic at the top. This time it’s all got to be perfect.

Sinister and obsessive press secretary Eddie and young speech-writing aid Paul are desperately trying to finalise the finest speech the PM will ever give, as anti-capitalist riots rage in the streets below.

But Eddie’s manipulative skills are to be tested far more by the gradual revelation of a scandal that is so far-reaching that it could keep the party out of power for a generation.

Can the story be killed? Can the investigating journalist – Eddie’s ex-wife! – be bought? And exactly how far will a government go to save itself and come up smelling of roses?German Feelgood programme

“Left me sobbing with laughter”
Benedict Nightingale, The Times.

“The most breathtaking political comedy for seasons, the most valuable sustained political satire for more than a decade.”
Alastair Macauley, Financial Times.

“Beaton is an agile writer, his plot is ingeniously tucked and pleated”
Kate Stratton, Time Out

Written by Alistair Beaton
Directed by Richard Baron
Designer - Edward Lipscomb
Sound Design - Jon Beales
Lighting - Simon Wilkinson
Will Barton - Paul
Jamie Chapman - Simon
Hazel Ellerby - Liz
Alex Giannini - Eddie
Hywel Morgan - DL
Granville Saxton - George
Rebecca Sarker - Asha
Cover of German Feelgood Programme Feelgood Rosette from the Garrick Theatre

FEELGOOD in Australia 2010

Creatives: Cast:

Written by Alistair Beaton
Director  - Richard Cotter
Set and Lighting Designer - Tony Youlden

Amy Anderson
Jack Fairweather
Anthony Hunt
Nick Hunter
Dave Kirkham
Peter Talmacs and
Annette Van Roden