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Follow My Leader programme

Lets Kick Ass!

Danish version of FOLLOW MY LEADER, translated and directed by Flemming Jensen and re-titled - LET'S KICK ASS! - was performed in 2005/6 at the NØRREBROS TEATER, Copenhagen.

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Follow my LeaderFollow My Leader

Making a Song and Dance about the War on Terror

Written by Alistair Beaton

The two self-appointed heroes of democracy and Christianity congratulate themselves on ridding the world  of dictatorship.  Meanwhile, their war activates a global clash of cultures waged with words of mass destruction and smoking guns.

This hilarious, savage and thought-provoking satirical play follows the development of the so-called war on terror from 9/11 right up to the present day.  Along the way, Follow My Leader asks awkward questions about Britain’s role as faithful poodle of the United States.

Having nailed the politics of spin in the West-End hit comedy Feelgood with Nigel Planner and Henry Goodman in the cast, Alistair Beaton turns his attention to international politics with this scorching satire on the new world order.



Written by Alistair Beaton
Directed by Mark Clements
Music by Richard Blackford and
Lyrics by Alistair Beaton
Musical Director - David Roper
Hampstead Theatre production in association with Birmingahm Repertory Theatre Company
Jason Durr - The Prime Minister
Martyn Ellis - Judge & others
Dawn Hope - Journalist & others
Nicola Hughes - Press Officer & others
Paul J Medford - A Demonstrator & others
Stuart Milligan - The President
Giles New - Junior & others
Peter Polycarpou - God & others
Sevan Stephan - Vicar & others
Warren Wills - As himself at the piano