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The Government Inspector book

Oberon Classics
ISBN: 1-84002-583-2

The Government InspectorThe Government Inspector

Don't blame the mirror - it's your face that's the problem. Russian folk saying

One of the most famous comedies in world theatre, Gogol's masterpiece has lost none of its bite. In a small town at the back of nowhere corruption's rife and the Mayor and his cronies have got it made. Then they learn they're going to be subject to an undercover government inspection - and panic. Mistaking a penniless nobody for the inspector they swiftly fall victims to their own stupidity and greed.


"Now Alistair Beaton has provided a dashing new translation, straight from the Russian." THE GUARDIAN

Creatives: Cast:

Written by Nicolai Gogol
Translated and adapted by
Alistair Beaton
Directed by Martin Duncan
Designer - Jon Morrell
Lighting - Chris Ellis
Composer/Sound - Adam Cork
Assistant Director - Thomas Hescott
Installation Designer - Alison Chitty

Graham Turner - Mayor
Salina Cadell - Anna (Mayors wife)
Pip Donaghy - Magistrate
Barry McCarthy - Commissioner for Health
Steven Beard - Director of Education
Aleksandar - Postmaster
Daniel Abelson - Bobchinsky
Stephen Ventura - Dobchinsky
Trevor Jones - Dr Hübner
Kieran Hill - 1st Shopkeeper
Grant Anthony - Police Constable
Alistair McGowan - Khelstakov
Toby Sedwick - Osip
Philip Sutton - Mishka
Fiona Dunn - Avdotya
David Langham - Waiter
Darlene Johnson - Locksmith's wife
Nina French - Sergeant's widow
Nolan Frederick - 2nd Shopkeeper
Leanne Rogers - Korobkin's wife
Ruth Anderson - Khlopov's wife
Alexis Owen-Hobbs - Lyapkin-Tyapkin's wife