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David Hare imagines chancellor in crisis for West End political satire season
Along with Hare on Osborne, Arts Theatre season includes Alistair Beaton play about a plot to oust Jeremy Corbyn
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Danny Greenstone
My dear Alistair, There's no reason on earth why you should remember me... (we served time together in the narrow corridors of BBC Light Entertainment, Radio) - and there's no earthy (or even biological) reason for my excuse that I had not, until this week, read "A Planet For The President". But I have now. And all I wanted to do was pop up in your Guestbook and applaud you!!!! Great book, great days spent reading it. Huzzah! – Danny Greenstone


Karl O'Neill
Mr Beaton, I've just finished touring your version of The Caucasian Chalk Circle for Belfast's Bruiser Theatre Company, and just wanted to say it was a pleasure to work on that wonderful script. Time and again the cast would throw compliments at the translation which unfortunately you couldn't hear!  We played 16 venues in 21 performances, a whistle-stop tour mainly in Northern Ireland, a few venues in the Republic, and audiences loved it. Matthew Reeve wrote a lovely score during our hectic rehearsals and with a cast of nine (6m/3f), we had our work cut out for us, but all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, only sorry it had to end. So hats off to your good self on behalf of actors and audiences this side of the Irish Sea! Karl O'Neill
PS Oh, I played Azdak, Lavrenti, Governor, Old Farmer, and a few others! Bloody hard work but a delight.

A huge pleasure to hear those comments. It's to my mind Brecht's best play (some would disagree). I love it to bits, and it was an intense pleasure to have the opportunity of translating it. That you enjoyed playing it and that audiences enjoyed seeing it means a lot to me. Thank you for your message, and may you and Irish theatre both march on with optimism and passion. Yours, Alistair.


Jane Fisher
Dear Mr. Beaton, I am just reading various translations of The Government Inspector in order to prepare for a high school performance with a particularly sophisticated group of school students – and I have to say that your script is fresh and funny with a very sharp bite. I love the way the humour literally leaps off the page and am intent on using this version. I so love it when people write translations that are more concerned with the heart of the text than semantics. I think that is what you have done.  Kind regards 
Delighted that you and your students are enjoying it. Gogol's play has always been very close to my heart and it was a joy to translate it. Many thanks for your kind comments. AB.


Michael Connolly
Not one of Alistair Beaton's major works, no doubt, but I just rediscovered the mini-series (Goodbye Summer) from the 1980s BBC programme Russian Language and People.  The 15 episodes were masterpieces of wit and wisdom, and inspired me to study Russian at university, and later to move to Russia.  I've just re-watched the first three, and they're not only totally fresh even in 2012, but somehow capture the essential elements of Russia and Russianness, despite the language being graded for elementary learners.  Respect and thanks to Mr. Beaton.
I'm so glad that this series still works for you. Even happier to know that it inspired you to study Russian. AB


Molly Blake
Thought Caledonia was the best play that I saw in 2010, any chance of it returning to stage (to do a tour) or do tv or radio version of the play?
The trouble was, I hated what the director (Anthony Neilson) did with it, and took back the rights so it couldn't ever be seen in that form again. Terrific that you enjoyed it, though. I hope to bring it back in a new production when the time (and the director) is right. AB.


Peter Curran
A Scot and a political sophisticate with a conscience (e.g. Iraq, Blair, etc.) should have looked harder at Darien than Caledonia would suggest you have done.  As a Glasgow-born Scot also, and an admirer of much of your work, I think you could have done more justice to the complex story of Darien and William Paterson - and to your native land - than produce a superficial piece of Unionist propaganda. But a good dramatist and satirist should offend, and you have succeeded - with me at any rate. regards
I wasn't aware I had written unionist propaganda, superficial or otherwise. I still think Darien was a foolish and vainglorious enterprise. Scots can be stupid too, you know. See also my response to Molly Blake, above. But thank you for your comments and for allowing me to offend you. AB.


Richard Lomax
The Government Inspector is being broadcast again tonight on Radio 3. (9/5/10) It’s a wonderful presentation of human folly and rendered in contemporary English that makes the play fresh and direct. Don't forget if you miss programmes on BBC tv and radio you can catch up again on BBC's iPlayer.

Terrific production, I agree. With the brilliant Toby Jones. AB


Marc Morrison
I just wanted to say that I am in love with "A Planet for the President".  It's the finest novel written in the past decade (at the very least).  It's probably my one of my favorite novels, alongside some others (Starship Troopers, 1984, Animal Farm, etc.), so you find yourself in good company.  The book is scary accurate, and an omen for things to still likely come.  I tell everyone I can to read it, both liberal (for it being funny), and conservatives (for it being heaven for them, and they not getting the joke)  I hope there is long success in Mr. Beaton's career, as he deserves it. A fan.
Thank you. The book has rather disappeared from view, though it twice came close to being turned into a movie. It still has a keen following out there, and I'm pleased that you enjoyed it so much - even if I have to demur from the hyperbole of your praise. AB.