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King of Hearts

King of Hearts also ran in Berlin in 2009 where it opened to great reviews.

"With King of Hearts the Schlosspark Theater has got itself a hit!"
Berliner Morgenpost




King of Hearts flyer form HampsteadKing of Hearts

Love, politics and royalty collide in a delicious new satire

Princess Di, Wallis Simpson – why is it always affairs of the heart that send the Windsors into meltdown?

The handsome young heir to the throne has fallen in love.  His fiancée is attractive, intelligent, articulate… and Muslim.

Suddenly it’s not only the future of the Royal Family under question but the very identity of Britain itself, as a panicked Prime Minister grapples with the startling possibility of a multi-cultural monarchy.


“An orgy of Machievellian manoeuvring.”
Michael Billington, The Guardian.

“A breath of fresh air – a very clever comic device to raise questions about contemporary Britain”
Steve Richards, Radio 4 Front Row.

“Farcical, radical, topical, hysterical – Alistair Beaton’s new play is political satire at its best, poisonously funny, a brilliant distorting mirror held up to our nature…. Beaton has a crazed but realistic imagination, an awesome talent for the killer joke, and a finger firmly attached to the pulse of the nation.”
John Peter, Sunday Times.

Creatives: Cast:

Written by Alistair Beaton
Co-directed by Ramin Gray
Co-directed by Max Stafford-Clark
Designer - Tim Shortall
Lighting  - Johanna Town
Sound - Ian Dickinson

Zahra Ahmadi - Nasreen
Alister Cameron - Sir Terence Pitch
Jeff Rawle - Stephen
Christian Brassington - Prince Arthur
Toby Dantzic - Toby
Caroline Loncq - Annie
Roddy Maude-Roxby - Marcus
Anthony O'Donnell - Henry Holbrook
Ben Righton - Prince Richard
Justin Salinger - Nick


This recent production of König der Herzen (King of Hearts), which toured Germany, gathered great reviews.

"Es ist erstaunlich, wie viele brisante Themen in einer Handlung zu unterbringen sind… Das Publikum applaudierte amüsiert und lange.

“It’s astonishing how much explosive subject matter can be combined in one production… The audience applauded loud and long.” - Holsteinscher Courier.

“Erinnert an einen andern Meister der Satire, an Bernard Shaw… Ein bemerkenswerter Theaterabend, mit sehr pointierten Rededuellen undter der fliessigen Regie von Johannes Pfeiffer”.

“Reminiscent of another master of satire, Bernard Shaw….. A remarkable evening in the theatre, with much verbal dexterity, all under the fluent direction of Johannes Pfeiffer”. – BIO&mehr

“Eine satirische Komödie mit Tiefgang, die den Zuschauern einige Denkanstösse mit auf dem Heimweg gab”.

“A satirical comedy with depth, which sent the audience home with a few things to think about.” - Weser Kurier

“Was anfangs wie ein Boulevardstück daherkommt, entwickelt sich mit der Zeit zu einer bösen Satire über Macht, Moral und Migration.”

“What starts off as a light comedy gradually develops into a biting satire on power, morality and immigration.”
-   Bietigheimer Zeitung.


Creatives: Cast:

Written by Alistair Beaton
Directed by John Piper
Produced a.gon
Stage by Claudia Weinhart
Costimes by Anna Brandt

Werner Haindl - Nick
Ottokar Lehrner - Stephen
Judith Toth - Annie Brett
Ico Benayga - Nasreen
Philipp Moschitz - Prince Arthur
Sven Hussock - Prince Richard
Martin Dudeck - Harry
Oliver Kamol - Toby
Jochen star - Archbishop