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The Trial Of Tony Blair DVD

A scene from The Trial Of Tony Blair DVD

A scene from The Trial Of Tony Blair DVD

The Trial of Tony Blair

The Trial of Tony Blair


It is some time in the future. Gordon Brown is moving into Number 10, President Clinton is thinking about her second term

in the White House, and Tony Blair is swapping the corridors of power for the comforts of his home in Connaught Square.

Blair departs Downing Street with an unshakeable belief in his continuing relevance as an international figure of influence. But with Washington's warmongers discredited, he finds himself increasingly isolated.

Blair on trialHaunted by the continuing nightmare of Iraq, and obsessed by his legacy, Tony Blair retreats into denial, refusing to see the dangers he faces from the Special Tribunal on Iraq that has been set up to investigate war crimes.


Nominated for a BAFTA in 2007

Creatives: Cast:
Written by Alistair Beaton
Directed by Simon Cellan Jones
Executive Producer - David Aukin
Producer - Hal Vogel

Robert Lindsay - Tony Blair
Phoebe Nicholls - Cherie Blair
Peter Mullan - Gordon Brown
Alexander Armstrong - David Cameron